Chase Loan Modification Forms – What You Need to Apply

Posted by admin On April - 9 - 2011

Apply Correctly

Homeowners who need to lower their monthly mortgage payment need to prepare and submit required Chase loan modification forms so that the bank can review their situation for eligibility.  This paperwork must be completed by the homeowner so that the lender will be able to determine if a loan mod is a possible solution to avoid foreclosure.  Here is some helpful information about the required loan modification forms and how to apply correctly.

Chase Loan Modification Forms:

  1. RMA- Request for Modification and Hardship Affidavit is the official 3 page application that must be completed.  This form includes your personal information as well as a detailed accounting of our monthly budget – your income, expenses and bank balances.  This is the most critical part of the form because your income must be sufficient to fit into the standard approval formula.
  2. 4506T- This form is used by the lender to verify your federal tax return information
  3. Dodd Frank Certification: signed by the borrower stating that they have not been convicted of a mortgage related felony in the last 10 years
  4. Hardship Letter:  a brief explanation signed by the homeowner explaining what has happened to cause the current mortgage to be unaffordable.  Ideally one page long, with details about loss of income, increased expenses, lack of cash reserves or excessive debt obligations.

The Chase loan modification forms must be prepared accurately and so that the homeowners information proves that they fit right into the loan mod guidelines.  This means that the monthly income, monthly expenses and bank balances all fit right into the program guidelines.  You can run your figures through the loan modification software calculator to make certain you are passing the triggers before submitting your final application.  You will also have to provide proof of your income, pay check stubs, bank statements, tax returns, rental agreements or award letters.

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  1. Arthur Huwe Said,

    I have tried to work with chase for loan modification filling out the forms over and over again. Each time I failed and got lied to by different people who were assigned our account, to advise us. Saying things like, “You were late with your forms so we can’t help you” When I asked about some information on a form that I submited, the lady said, “I’m sorry but we can’t go back into your records, they have been distroyed” At least 4 times I have been appointed a new adviser. One example was the name Ester, when I tried to call her, there was no ester. Twice I was told that we don qualify and then shortly I receive a letter that I should fill out new forms, like the last one sent to me on Jaanuary 12, account 1846343272. that implies that I just applied for modification. I really don’t think Chase really wanted to help in the first place. Art Huwe

    Posted on February 15th, 2012 at 4:09 pm

  2. helene lindseyI Said,

    I completely agree with you. My son experienced most of the same things. I faxed my forms in only to be told 35 days later They had not received them. I know that they did receive the fax at the time I sent it.

    Posted on July 25th, 2012 at 2:48 pm

  3. helene lindseyI Said,

    what are you saying about my comment?

    Posted on July 25th, 2012 at 2:52 pm

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