Financial Statement Tips

The real secret to getting approved for a Wells Fargo Loan Modification is to prove in black and white that you fit right into the program guidelines.  The way to accomplish this is to submit your financial statement correctly-this means that your monthly gross income, your monthly expenses and current bank balances are all within the acceptable guidelines.  But this is the trickiest and most difficult part of the entire Wells Fargo loan mod process-how do you know just how to complete this important form correctly?  This is where most homeowners stumble, and the #1 reason for being denied for a loan workout.

The good news is that all you have to do is figure out exactly the right amount of monthly income, expenses and bank balances  required, then show those figures on your Wells Fargo financial worksheet, and BAM – you are approved.  Well, good luck with that because the bank will not actually tell you just what you should put on this form.  Although the standard formula used is mandated by the federal government and is used on every application to determine eligibility, homeowners who don’t take the time to learn and understand more about this formula stand a very small chance of fitting into the narrow approval guidelines.

Completing the Wells Fargo loan modification financial worksheet does not have to be so complicated, confusing and frustrating.  Once you know exactly how much monthly income you need to qualify, and how much your monthly expenses should be, you can use this critical information to fine

Sample Monthly Budget-Follow It

tune your budget-before the bank has the chance to review it.  The best way to avoid mistakes and make certain that you have the best chance of qualifying is to run your figures through the loan modification software calculator to find out whether you need to make any adjustments, and just where to fine tune your figures.  Don’t count on the bank to help you, this is something that you need to know yourself and work on ahead of time if you hope to have the best chance of loan mod approval.

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