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Posted by admin On April - 14 - 2010

Confused about how to apply for a loan modification?  Not sure how to prepare your financial statement correctly so that you have a good chance of qualifying?  Well, it can be confusing for the average homeowner to understand just what is required to meet the approval criteria set forth by lenders and by the federal government.  The truth is that homeowners who fit into the formula get helped, and those who don’t will likely be denied.

How can you be sure that your application is prepared correctly and that you the best chance of approval with your loan modification?  The first step is to learn the basics about what your lender is looking for on your paperwork.  Remember, based on the information YOU provide a decision will be made to either offer a modification or not.  You do have some control over whether you get help-your job is simple.  Prepare the best application you can and be certain that you have made any adjustments necessary so that you meet the guidelines.  Sound hard?  It doesn’t have to be!

Know the Guidelines

Know the Guidelines

The Loan Mod Quick App software is designed just to help borrowers figure out whether they qualify for a loan modification under the federal program.  Since the approval guidelines are standard and are published by the Treasury Department, you can use the software program to help you find out how to fine tune your budget so that you pass the approval criteria.  This is a case of “what you don’t know Can hurt you”.

The basic formula for qualifying with a federal loan modification program involves your gross monthly income, debt ratio and new target payment.  If you follow this formula, you can be certain that your budget meets the qualifications.  The Loan Mod Quick APP actually mimics this very same formula-and all you have to do is input your own income, expenses, assets and a few other numbers.  Then, automatically all your numbers are calculated and you see immediately if you fit into the approval guidelines or not.

The biggest benefit of using the Loan Mod Quick App software to prepare your loan modification application is that you see where you may need to make adjustments to your budget in order to qualify.  So, if you knew that an adjustment of a few hundred dollars on your finances could mean the difference in qualifying, you would do it right?  Well, this tool shows you just where you need to fine tune your numbers.

The new federal guidelines mandate that homeowners must send in a complete loan modification application and then within 30 days they will receive an answer from their bank.  So you get one chance to get it right-why take chances and risk making a mistake on your application?  If you were preparing your income taxes you would likely use Turbotax or some other program-why not for something as important as your home?

Download immediately!

Download immediately!

Not sure how to qualify for a loan modification? Loan Mod Quick App software takes the confusion out of preparing your application. This helpful tool takes the guesswork out of qualifying by figuring your debt ratio, target payment and other important calculations for you. Why take chances with your application? Simply input your unique financial information into the Loan Mod Quick App and it calculates it all for you! You can save hours of time and avoid costly mistakes. The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit is the best selling do-it-yourself system that includes the software, handbook, forms and much more. Visit and order today-Immediate download!

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