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Chase borrowers may be able to modify their mortgage in just 30 days with a government loan modification program that offers assistance to struggling homeowners.  This plan has recently been updated and streamlined in an effort to provide an approval to qualified borrowers in just 30 days.

A Chase loan modification using this government plan will offer a low, affordable mortgage payment and is designed to keep borrowers out of default.  The goal is to provide a standard loan mod offering a new repayment plan using standard methods of modifying the current loan.

Know the Guidelines

How can you receive a Chase loan modification under this government program in just 30 days?  Here are the steps to follow in order to expedite your application:

  1. Contact the lender and request consideration for HAMP
  2. Prepare the loan mod application correctly-especially the financial statement-so that you fit into the government approval guidelines
  3. Submit your application along with 2 most recent paychecks, signed 4506T, signed Hardship Affidavit and letter of explanation regarding your financial circumstances.
  4. Chase has 30 days from the date of receipt of your complete package to provide a decision to your request.
  5. Once approved, you will have a 3 month trial mod, and at the end of that time the modification will become permanent automatically.  No more updating documents or re-applying!

The secret to using this new government loan modification process effectively is by preparing and submitting an acceptable and complete application.  The 30 day criteria does not begin until Chase has everything they need to review your file.  It is the homeowners responsibility to make certain that their forms are compliant and complete.

Homeowners who are not certain how to complete their financial statement correctly and do not understand the government formula for approval may want to use a software program designed specifically to assist borrowers.  The Loan Mod Quick App mimics the federal guidelines for approval, and will automatically compute the debt ratio, new target payment, asset ratio and other important calculations.

Does all the calculations for you!

Not sure how to qualify for a loan modification?  Loan Mod Quick App software takes the confusion out of preparing your application.  This helpful tool takes the guesswork out of qualifying by figuring your debt ratio, target payment and other important calculations for you.  Why take chances with your application?  Simply input your unique financial information into the Loan Mod Quick App and it calculates it all for you!  You can save hours of time and avoid costly mistakes.  The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit is the best selling do-it-yourself system that includes the software, handbook, forms and much more. Visit myloanmodificationcenter.com and order today-Immediate download!

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