If you are struggling with your mortgage and facing default, you may be eligible for an HSBC loan modification to lower your monthly payment.  However, not every homeowner will qualify for assistance, so it is important to understand what programs and options this large, international bank offers and also what it takes to get approved for help.

Unfortunately, HSBC does not participate in any of the government loan modification plans, but they do offer several loan workout programs to help qualified borrowers.  These in-house programs closely mimic the basic guidelines for approval that the federal programs follow-with slight variations.  Here is a quick list of qualifying tips to help you begin:


  1. Financial Hardship:  you will be asked to provide a brief explanation of the reason you can no longer afford your mortgage payment-this is called a Hardship Letter.  The acceptable reasons include:  loss or reduction of income, increased monthly expenses, high monthly debts, lack of savings or reserves.  Keep in mind that loss of equity alone is not a valid reason, although it is a mitigating factor in the decision made by the lender.  Keep your Hardship letter to one page if possible, be sure to sign it and write your loan number on the top.
  2. Monthly Gross Household Income:  How much income you report on the loan mod application can make or break your chances of approval.  HSBC uses a standard mathematical formula to modify loans-you must be able to pass

    Approval Requirements Computed Automatically

    this formula and the amount of gross income you report is the key component of this approval formula.  If you report too much or too little income, you will FAIL the formula.  You can include non borrower contributions, including room mates and rental income.  Learn exactly how much income you need to pass the HSBC approval guidelines-use the Loan Mod Calculator to automatically compute and display your specific income requirements.

  3. Monthly Household Expenses:   You will need to list all of your expenses-items like groceries, utilities, car payments, insurance, etc will help HSBC to determine your financial situation and verify that your monthly cash flow pass the guidelines.  Ideally, your expenses should show that you are barely making ends meet now or even have a negative at the end of the month, but must also show that AFTER the mod you will have at least $250 left over for emergencies.  This can be tricky to accomplish-use the Loan Mod Calculator to compute and display how to list your monthly expenses to pass this guideline.
  4. Waterfall Mod Formula:  HSBC will use a combination of terms to arrive at your new monthly mortgage payment-including lowering the interest rate, increasing the loan term and even reducing your loan balance.  They use the Waterfall method to determine what new terms will be required to achieve your new monthly payment-you can find out if you PASS the Waterfall and what your new payment could be-use the Loan Mod Calculator to show you this important formula and show you how to make certain you do not FAIL this part of the HSBC loan mod program.

There are options and programs available for qualified homeowners-but HSBC will only approve those borrowers who can prove that their monthly income, expenses and assets all pass the strict guidelines.  Make sure that you take the time to learn how to apply correctly so that you have the very best shot at approval.  Visit MyLoanModificationCenter.com today for more information and tips.

Need Help?

Are you in a difficult financial situation and facing delinquencies with your mortgage payment?  Your bank may be willing to offer you some help by lowering your monthly payment, or even reducing your loan balance if you can convince them that you are a deserving homeowner.  Keep in mind that your lender is not forced by anyone-even the government-to offer assistance, BUT if you can prove that you fit into the loan mod guidelines, there is a good chance that they may, because of recent settlements and updated programs designed to help struggling borrowers.

What are the acceptable financial hardship reasons for a loan modification and how do you explain your situation to your bank to gain their cooperation?  Basically, there are 4 main categories of acceptable hardships-most folks who are struggling will fit into one or more of these.

  1. Loss or reduction in income:  loss of job, less hours at work, self employed business failure-all of these could cause your income to decline.  Even a divorce or military deployment or death of one of the borrowers are deemed acceptable reasons for a reduction in income and therefore a legitimate reason to ask for a loan modification.
  2. Increased Expenses:  have your monthly bills gone up?  This could happen as a result of your mortgage payment increasing, unexpected medical bills, taking care of a relative, etc.  If your mortgage rate and payment are set to re-set in the next 6 months and you anticipate a situation that will be unaffordable at that time, you can apply NOW for a loan modification.
  3. Lack of Reserves:  have you used up all of your savings trying to stay afloat?  If you have less than 3 months of mortgage expenses in liquid accounts (not retirement) then you qualify for this hardship reason.
  4. High Monthly Bills:  are your monthly payments too high ?  Credit cards, medical, tuition, liens, etc may be costing you more than you earn each month.  This is something you need to explain and document for your bank.

When you write your Hardship Letter, begin by saying that you want to keep your home, and you have tried your best but cannot make ends meet.  Ask specifically for a loan modification to help you stay in your home.  You should try to keep it one page long, but hit the high points.

TIP: begin each paragraph with one of the above reasons-for example, “My income has been reduced due to my employer cutting my hours.  I have tried to get a second job but have not been able to”.  OR; “We have used all of our savings trying to stay afloat, and have no other resources”.

You can end the Hardship Letter by saying that you have tried all other options but a loan modification is the only way that you can afford to stay in your home.  Explain that you are hard working and responsible, and that this situation is out of your control.  Be sure that all borrowers sign and date the letter, and make sure your loan number is on the top.

Get more tips and information at MyLoanModificationCenter.com.

Hardship Letter Tips

One of the required steps to qualify for a  loan modification is writing a hardship letter.  This is a brief explanation of the circumstances surrounding your current financial status, and will let your lender know what has happened to cause the situation and also what you have done to try to overcome it.  The federal government requires every homeowner who applies for a  loan mod to submit this explanation letter, and there are certain important categories that you need to be sure to cover.

Here is a sample that you can follow with the important phrases highlighted-of course you need to personalize this to match your own circumstances and so that it fits your unique situation.

Loan Modification Hardship Letter SAMPLE

Key Phrases


Loan #, Borrowers Names, Property Address

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to explain my current financial hardship situation and to request consideration for the  loan modification program.  My mortgage payment is no longer affordable and I am at imminent risk of default if I do not receive some help.

The trouble first started about 6 months ago when my hours were cut at work, and my income was reduced.  My wife was laid off from her job, so as a result we lost more than half of our normal income.  She has been looking for work but has not been able to find anything, and I have also been looking for a second job.  The economy is very bad in our area, and there are just not many jobs available making it very difficult for us.

We have been using up our small savings account to make ends meet each month, and now we have begun having to use credit cards to pay our monthly expenses.  We will soon be out of money, and the increased payments on our credit cards are so high that we cannot afford to keep paying those either and our monthly expense keep getting higher.

Our home has lost so much value that we cannot qualify for any type of refinance program, and a loan modification is our only option.  We do not want to lose our home, our children are involved in their school and church and have many friends in the neighborhood.  It would be heartbreaking for us to have to uproot them.

We are hard working, responsible homeowners and we have tried everything we can think of, but we are desperately requesting your help to modify our mortgage to a more affordable payment.  We would like to be considered for a loan modification plan-please help us to keep our families home.  Thank you,

Sign, phone number

Sample Budget-Automatically!

The  loan modification requires that you also complete the official application form which is called the RMA-Request for Modification and Affidavit.  Page 2 of this form is the monthly budget for your household, and this is where you must breakdown your income, expenses and bank balances.  You must show the right amounts or you will not qualify.  If you are not sure how to prepare your monthly budget form correctly, you can use a sample monthly budget to follow.  This will show you how much income, expenses and bank balances are required to fit the approval guidelines for loan modification.

Need help with your loan modification application?  Do it right-use the #1 resource for homeowners, The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit and loan modification software calculator.  You receive everything you need to

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succeed: step by step directions, required forms and the loan mod calculator automatically generates your own sample monthly budget to show you how much income, expenses and bank balances are required.  Visit MyLoanModificationCenter.com for more information today.

Do You Qualify?

Homeowners struggling with high mortgage payments may be able to qualify for Indymac’s HAMP loan modification program.  It can be difficult to qualify for this loan workout plan, but homeowners can learn the fast way to approval.  Learn how to get approved using the inside formula that the bank uses!

The Indymac HAMP loan modification program will only be offered to those borrowers who can prove that they fit right into the standard guidelines.  This means that your monthly income, monthly expenses and bank balances all meet the formula used by the bank to modify your loan.   The information you provide on your loan mod application will be used by the bank in this formula, and a decision is made based on the results after inputting your income, expenses and bank balances.

Here are some tips for fast approval on the Indymac HAMP Loan

Know the Guidelines

Modification Plan:

  1. Work on your monthly budget BEFORE submitting it to the bank.  You do not want to disclose your income, expenses and bank balances until you are certain that they fit into the formula for approval.
  2. Make sure that you fit the basic eligibility guidelines, you must live in the home and you may need to provide a utility bill to prove this.  Your loan amount must be less than $729,750 and the loan taken out before January 1, 2009.  Most importantly, you must be facing a financial hardship situation.
  3. Compose a good hardship letter that describes your situation and explains what has happened to make the current payment unaffordable.  The acceptable hardship reasons are:  loss or reduction of income, increased expenses, lack of savings or reserves, excessive debt obligations.  Make sure your hardship letter hits on these four reasons, and also be sure to include your loan number and then sign it.
  4. Provide all of the required documentation, items like your paycheck stubs, bank statements, tax returns will all be required.  Be sure to submit everything Indymac is asking for in your loan mod application package.
  5. Run your monthly budget through the loan modification

    Sample Budget-Automatically!

    software calculator to make certain that you are passing the 7 standard triggers for HAMP approval.  Is your monthly income high enough?  The calculator will show you automatically.  Are your expenses acceptable?  The software calculator immediately shows you just where you may need to make adjustments to you budget to pass the guidelines.

  6. Finally, fine tune your monthly budget using the information from the loan modification software calculator and transpose that information onto the official RMA form for submission to Indymac for review.  Be confident that you have done everything you can to qualify for a HAMP loan modification.

Learn the fast way to get approved for Obama’s HAMP loan modification on your Indymac mortgage using the #1 resource for homeowners.  The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit and Loan

Download immediately!

Modification software calculator provides you with step by step directions, required forms, and the calculator automatically generates your very own sample monthly budget to help you prepare your forms correctly.  Visit MyLoanModificationCenter.com for more information and get started today!

Know the 3 critical elements of a hardship letter

A critical part of applying for a Wells Fargo loan modification is explaining and documenting to the bank that you are facing a legitimate financial hardship situation and that you can no longer afford your mortgage payment.  In order to do this, you will be required to write a letter detailing what has happened and provide that letter with your loan mod application.  Here are some important tips for writing the most convincing and acceptable explanation.

Wells Fargo Loan Modification Hardship Letter Requirements:

There are four basic categories of acceptable financial hardship situations that the bank considers legitimate.  Most borrowers fall into one of these categories:

      1. Household earnings have been reduced, for example: underemployment, reduced pay or hours, decline in business earnings, death, disability or divorce of a borrower or co- borrower
        1. Expenses have increase, for example: monthly mortgage payment reset, high medical or health care costs, uninsured losses, increased utilities or property taxes
          1. Monthly debts are excessive, over extended with creditors, including credit cards, home equity loans or other debt
            1. Cash reserves, including all liquid assets are insufficient to maintain the current mortgage payment and cover basic living expenses at the same time


              1. When you write your explanation, be certain to write your full name, property address and loan number on the top of the page.
              2. The first paragraph should clearly state that you are at imminent risk of default on your mortgage and that you are requesting considerations for HAMP or any other loan modification plan that you may qualify for.
              3. Each paragraph should cover one of the reasons explained above, many homeowners are facing one or all of these situations, so the paragraph could start:  My income has been reduced due to my boss cutting my hours at work, etc.
              4. Also state what you have done to try to remedy the situation, looking for a second job, taking in a room mate, etc.
              5. Also assure the bank that you are a hardworking, responsible homeowner but this situation is out of your control.  You want to keep you home and avoid foreclosure, ask politely for their help so you can keep your home.
              6. Finally, be sure to sign the letter and provide your daytime phone number.  The application also includes a Hardship Affidavit on which you state that you are not misrepresenting your circumstances under penalty of perjury.

              Ideally, your Wells Fargo loan modification hardship letter should be one page long, brief and to the point.  However, you do want to give enough details so that the bank will be understanding and willing to help you.  Include some details about your community involvement, church, children schools and activities.

              If you would like to help to write your own effective Wells Fargo loan modification hardship letter, you can use a template provided in the best selling resource for homeowners, The Complete Loan

              Download immediately!

              Modification Guide Kit and Loan Modification software calculator.  This helpful kit includes a step by step handbook, hardship outline, and the loan mod calculator which will generate your own sample monthly budget to help you complete your application correctly.  Visit MyLoanModificationCenter.com for more information.

              Sample Budget-Automatically!

              Apply Correctly!

              One of the critical parts of the loan mod application is called the Hardship Affidavit.  It is now part of the standard form that you must complete and submit for your lender’s review.  This form is called the Request for Modification and Affidavit, or RMA.  It was designed by the Treasury Department for use with the government subsidized loan workout plan, which is called HAMP.

              How do you complete this loan modification Hardship Affidavit correctly?  There are boxes that you can check depending on which one most closely matches your own situation-for example:

              1. Household income reduced
              2. Expenses have increased
              3. Monthly debt payments are excessive
              4. Cash reserves-checking & savings-are insufficient

              There is also a space to write an explanation of what exactly has transpired and what steps you have taken to try to remedy the situation, but since it is only two lines, most of the time you will be better off to write your letter of explanation on a separate piece of paper.

              Know the Guidelines

              IMPORTANT TIP:  keep your loan modification Hardship letter to one page in length and be sure to sign it on the bottom.  Your letter should include one of the above categories, and it may include all of them!  Begin the first paragraph stating the “due to financial hardship I would like to apply for a loan modification under HAMP or any other program I may qualify for”.  If you specifically ask for the government plan then the bank is mandated to review your application for eligibility.

              Suffering a financial hardship situation will not guarantee that you will qualify for a loan modification.  Although it is one of the main requirements, you must also prove that your monthly income, monthly expenses and bank balances all fit within the standard approval formula used by the banks.  This is a mathematical equation that is used to determine if your loan can be modified using the standard Waterfall Method.  If your do not prove in black and white on your financial statement that your income is sufficient to fit into the formula, then chances are not very good for you to be approved.

              Sample Budget-Automatically!

              You can get help to complete your loan modification application and increase your chances of approval – the #1 best selling resource for homeowners provides you with step by step directions and also a loan mod software that automatically calculates a sample budget.  The Complete loan Modification Guide kit and Loan Modification software will save you time, frustration and give you the help you need to prepare an accurate financial

              Download immediately!

              statement.  Visit MyLoanModificationCenter.com for more information so you can get started today.

              Loan Modification Hardship Letter Easy Format to Follow

              Posted by admin On December - 28 - 2009
              Federal Plan

              Federal Plan

              he federal loan modification plan, called HAMP, requires that you provide a hardship letter detailing why you can no longer afford your current mortgage payment.  This letter must include certain information in order to meet the approval guidelines.  When you sit down to write your own letter of explanation, be sure that you include everything your lender will need to see.  It is critical to explain what has happened to your finances so that you will be viewed as a good candidate for a loan modification.

              Here is an easy to use outline that will help you to put your thoughts in order and then write an effective explanation of what your current financial situation is and why you need a loan workout.

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              Use this outline to help you create your Hardship Letter.

              Identify the cause of current payment hardship- check all that apply:

              Unemployment Military Service

              Separation Payment increase-Rate reset

              Divorce Illness

              Death of Spouse Incarceration

              Death of a family member Damage to property

              Too much debt Loss of income/overtime/etc

              Medical Bills Other- specify

              Job Relocation

              Business Failure

              We believe that our situation is Temporary Permanent

              Use this area to provide answers to the following questions regarding your situation. This will help you to remember details when you write your letter

              When did this difficulty first begin?

              What caused this difficulty and what have you done to try to remedy it?

              Why do you feel your situation has improved, and that you will be able to afford and stay current with your new mortgage payment?

              A couple of more tips are to keep it short-don’t go on and on.  The bank reads thousands of letters a day.  They don’t have time to read a novel-one page long is plenty.  Use key phrases in your letter:

              Using the phrase, “Imminent risk of default if we are not given help” and increased expenses, lower income and using up our savings to live are all important terminology which can help your case with your lender.  Your goal is to paint a picture for your bank that through no fault of yours it is no longer possible to afford your current mortgage payment.

              The loan modification hardship letter is just one of forms required, in order to have the best chance of getting approved you need to prepare a financial statement that meets the federal guidelines.  You can get help to do this easily and correctly with the #1 resource for homeowners, The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit.  Don’t allow frustration and confusion to get in the way of saving your families home.

              Get the help you need to prepare your own accurate and acceptable loan modification application. The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit is the best selling do-it-yourself system that takes the guess work out of preparing your financial statement, hardship letter and all of the required forms your lender needs. You get an easy to use software program-Loan Mod Quick App-as well as an easy to understand handbook with step by step directions. Why take chances with your application? Simply input your unique financial information into the Loan Mod Quick App and it calculates it all for you! It couldn’t be easier! Visit myloanmodificationcenter.com and order today.

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              If you are struggling with your current mortgage and want to find out if you qualify for a loan workout, then now is the time to get started to learn more about the process.  First, the primary qualification for a loan modification is the evidence of a financial hardship situation.  This means that circumstances have caused your current mortgage payment to be unaffordable and you are at risk of losing your home of going into default.  The Fannie Mae loan modification plan, sponsored by the Treasury Department and paid for with bailout money, requires that you complete a form called a Hardship Affidavit.

              What is this form and why is it important?  This is a 4 page form that basically explains to your lender the reasons you are facing a hardship and could be a candidate for a loan workout.  There are multiple choices, and boxes that you must check off.  In addition, there is a very important certification that you are asked to sign under penalty of perjury that you are not misrepresenting your circumstances or intentionally missing payments to get a loan modification.

              The form also explains briefly the terms of the Home Affordable Modification trial period, and tells you that you may be required to attend credit counseling as a condition of your loan workout.  You sign this form giving your bank the authority to check your credit report and verify your income and assets, and to start an escrow account for your property taxes and homeowners insurance.

              Federal Plan

              Federal Plan

              This is an important part of your loan modification application and should be included with your submission.  There is a final page where you can include your Hardship Letter, giving more specific details about your circumstances and why you deserve a loan modification.  This is one of the 4 mandatory forms that you will need to prepare for a complete application package.  You can get this form on the makinghomeaffordable.gov website.  This is just one of the 4 required forms you will need to submit, you can get them all in the #1 resource guide for homeowners, The Complete Loan Modification Guide.

              You can get the help you need to apply and qualify for a loan modification by ordering the best selling handbook for homeowners, The Complete Loan Modification Guide. This is a low cost, easy to read, home edition loan mod kit that will provide you with everything you need to prepare a professional and acceptable loan modification application. You are provided with all of the necessary forms and given detailed directions on how to complete them properly.

              Home Edition Loan Modification Kit with Customer Assist

              Home Edition Loan Modification Kit with Customer Assist

              The Complete Loan Modification Guide will take you step by step through calculating your debt ratio, completing the financial statements, writing your hardship letter and then putting it all together to submit to your lender. You also get 30 days of email support to ask questions, a series of insider tips and a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on program changes. Learn how to qualify for the Obama Federal loan modification plan. Need help completing your loan modification forms?  Find out about our Customer Assist program-you work one-on-one with your very own expert to make sure your application is completed correctly. Get started today on the path to secure home ownership, order The Complete Loan Modification Guide. For more information about mortgage loan modification, please visit us at: http://www.myloanmodificationcenter.com

              The takeover of Wachovia Bank by Wells Fargo may be good news for homeowners stuck in a bad Wachovia home loan.  Wells Fargo is anxious to quickly cure the billions of dollars in bad mortgage debt and clean up this mess as soon as possible.  A  Wachovia loan modification is a quick and cost effective way to turn those toxic and delinquent loans into performing assets, making the bank look better on paper and helping the homeowners avoid foreclosure.

              Many borrowers are currently saddled with unaffordable “negative amortization” loans that were widely issued by Wachovia Bank.  These creative financing programs started off with low teaser payment rates, but now have adjusted to high rates and rising payments.  Many borrowers are actually adding to their principle balance each month when they make their loan payments.  These loans are ticking time bombs waiting to explode as property values continue to decline and equity erodes.

              Good news for many Wachovia borrowers-NOW is the time to apply for a loan modification with Wachovia

              Learn how to fill them out correctly

              Learn how to fill them out correctly

              Bank.  The loss mitigation departments are set up and offering several loan modification options to their distressed borrowers.  Qualified home owners may have the opportunity to convert their current loan into a fixed rate as loan as 2%.  Wachovia is offering these programs on a graduated interest rate loan modification as a way to allow delinquent borrowers to get caught up and maintain the new lower, home loan payment.  More good news, some of these programs only require “stated income” applications, meaning you do not have to present pay check stubs, tax returns, etc to qualify.

              So who will qualify for these low rate loan modifications?  Well, you must show the lender that this home is your principle residence, it must be a single family home (no 2-4 units), and your debt ratio must be 38% or

              Learn how to figure your own debt ratio to qualify

              Learn how to figure your own debt ratio to qualify

              less.  This means that your housing debt, including taxes, insurance and HOA dues cannot exceed 38% of your gross income as stated.  This is only a brief overview of some of the options available to Wachovia borrowers, and not everyone will qualify for these programs.

              Start now to learn all you can about the loan modification process and you will improve your chances of a loan modification approval.  Once you understand how the process works and learn what the lender needs to see from you to approve your loan modification application, you will feel confident in working with the bank to fix your bad loan.  It is important to calculate your debt ratio and complete the required forms properly so they will meet the lenders loan modification guidelines and increase the chance for success.  Take the time to learn how to figure your income and expenses and present a family budget that will conform to the lenders requirements and meet the debt ratio percentage.  How you present your current situation is as important to better your chance for loan modification help.

              There is a lot of information available on the internet about loan modifications-in fact, there is so much information it is very hard to figure out exactly what is accurate, up to date and most important to help you prepare your loan modification application.

              Watch the short video to learn more now!  Go to:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV92aSTdB7E

              A very complete, accurate source of information is The Complete Loan Modification Guide handbook.  This is a low cost, easy to follow guide that you can buy and download right online.  This Guide will provide you

              Home Edition Loan Modification Kit

              Home Edition Loan Modification Kit

              with step by step instructions on how to complete the provided loan modification forms, how to calculate your debt ratio, tips on writing a compelling hardship letter, direct contact phone numbers, and much more.  You will save yourself hours of frustration and stress by using The Complete Loan Modification Guide handbook and feel confident that you are presenting a successful loan modification application package to your lender.  Give yourself a fighting chance to save your home-an informed homeowner is a powerful homeowner.

              If you would like more information about loan modifications, please visit us at:


              Save Your Home

              Save Your Home

              Are one of the millions of American homeowners struggling to find an answer to unaffordable house payments?  Home values are continuing a steep decline making it impossible for many borrowers to refinance out their “bad” loan into an affordable, fixed rate loan program.  There is a way to convert your current loan into one that you can afford-for FREE!  That’s right, no escrow, no title or appraisal, no fees-just some of your time and effort to learn about how a loan modification works and how to submit a successful loan modification application to your lender.  Sounds like something you would be interested in learning about?  You can learn what you need in a Loan Modification Guide.

              You may have read or heard about loan modifications but are not sure if you would qualify and even how to start the process.  Loan Modifications are a relatively new option for troubled homeowners, but one which President Obama and Congress is encouraging all lenders to offer their borrowers in unaffordable loans.  The financial crisis has made the situation even worse for many mortgage lenders-they are highly motivated now to fix your loan and help you stop foreclosure.  Loan Modification is a cost effective and beneficial method of turning bad debt into performing assets-the bank looks great on paper and the homeowner gets to keep their home-it’s a win-win for everyone.

              There is a lot of information online about loan modifications.  Many companies have popped up offering to represent homeowners for a fee to apply for a loan modification.  You may wonder if you should pay the

              Pay a Company?

              Pay a Company?

              thousands of dollars these companies want as an upfront fee or work directly with your lender and do it yourself.  IMPORTANT-before you make any decision affecting your home and family, take the time to get educated and informed about the entire loan modification process-learn what your lender will need to see to approve your loan modification application, what questions to ask, if you will qualify and how to prepare a successful loan modification application.  It’s not rocket science, but you do need to know the basics if you want to have your loan modification approved-whether you do it yourself or decide to hire a company.

              Meet the author and learn more-watch the video now!  Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV92aSTdB7E


              An excellent source of information and detailed instructions is The Complete Loan Modification Guide handbook.  This is a low cost, easy to read and easy to follow home edition handbook that you can purchase and download right online.  You can get started right a way learning about the required forms, how to complete them properly, hardship letter advice, and get invaluable negotiating tips to use when working with your lender.  We have covered all aspects of the loan modification procedure so you can easily follow the step by step instructions.  Everything you need to know is included in this one Guide.  You can save hours of frustration by ordering The Complete Loan Modification Guide handbook and you will feel confident when you contact your bank or a loan modification company.  Don’t just hand over your hard earned money or give up without a fight-knowledge is power-give yourself the fighting chance you deserve to save your home and credit.

              Home Edition Loan Modification Kit

              Home Edition Loan Modification Kit

              Order the most complete and up to date Loan Modification Guide available and get started today.