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Debt Ratio Formula

Wells Fargo loan modification help requires that homeowners pass the debt ratio qualification guideline.  This approval criteria is standard under the government loan mod plan, and all borrowers who apply for a loan workout will be reviewed to determine if they meet this calculation.  What is the debt ratio requirement and how can you be sure to pass it in order to qualify?

The Wells Fargo loan modification debt ratio calculation is a standard formula that uses the amount of gross income spent each month on housing expense by the borrower.  This is a percentage figure that shows the bank if the current mortgage payment is unaffordable, and also determines what the new modified mortgage payment will be.   Homeowners must pass this first approval trigger in order to be considered for a loan mod, so it is very important that the application form be prepared correctly before it is submitted for review by the bank.

Homeowners can use the loan mod calculator to automatically figure their debt ratio, and find out immediately if their financial information will pass the required Wells Fargo loan modification approval guidelines.  The

Sample Monthly Budget-Follow It

application form includes a detailed breakdown of the homeowners monthly income, monthly expenses and current bank balances.  This financial information is then used by the bank to determine if the debt ratio criteria has been passed.  Homeowners can make sure their budget is acceptable by running it through the loan mod calculator first, verifying where any adjustments need to be made, and fine tuning the figures so that the calculator displays a passing on every approval trigger.

The Wells Fargo loan modification debt ratio calculation is one of 7 approval triggers that must be passed-the loan mod calculator automatically figures and displays for the homeowner if they are passing or failing.  Making the necessary adjustments to the budget before sending it in for review is the very best way to increase the chances of approval.

Guidelines Met!

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