Most of the time homeowners face problems when trying for a Wells Fargo loan modification approval.  It seems the bank does not want to really help you sometimes, and it can be almost impossible to figure out just what they need to see from you in order to say Yes to your loan workout.  In fact, what they are looking is a simple mathematical formula that you must pass-however if you don’t understand this formula then it can be almost impossible to pass it.

Here are some good tips on how to increase your chances of a Wells Fargo loan modification approval:

Tip #1:  Become familiar with the standard approval formula that the bank uses so that you know how to prepare your monthly budget worksheet.  This formula uses your gross monthly income, your monthly expenses, your assets and your current mortgage information.  The bank will use the

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information you provide to determine if your loan can be modified using the Waterfall Method.  You can avoid mistakes and save time by running your own figures through the loan modification calculator-this will automatically calculate and show you where you may need to fine tune your figures to pass.

Tip #2:  Once you know how to adjust your monthly budget and fine tune your income, expenses, etc. use that information on your final application-but be prepared to be able to prove anything that you put on the RMA application form.  Paycheck stubs, bank statements, award letters, rental agreements, etc could be required by Wells Fargo.

Tip #3:  Should the bank tell you that you do not qualify, be adamant about finding out exactly why you don’t meet the guidelines.  Verify that all the information has been input correctly into the Wells Fargo system-often this is a problem and can be fairly easily fixed.  Once you know why-then you can work on disputing their findings-you are allowed to reapply again-so it’s not the end of the line-just be sure to submit with updated and correct information.

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It is easy to get discouraged when facing Wells Fargo loan modification problems-but thousands of borrowers have been persistent, learned the basics of the approval formula and have finally overcome the obstacles and been approved for a loan mod.  You can do it too-make the decision to learn, prepare and diligently keep at it until you get the results you deserve.

Get help on your Wells Fargo loan modification-use the #1 best selling resource for homeowners, The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit and Loan Mod Quick APP calculator.  Step by step directions to complete the

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required forms, and an easy to use Worksheet help you use the loan modification calculator and automatically displays the income, expenses and asset requirements to help you prepare your budget correctly.  Visit for more information today.

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