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Homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage can apply for a Wells Fargo loan modification.  This loan workout program provides the chance for a lower, more affordable monthly payment-but only for those borrowers who can prove that they fit into the approval underwriting guidelines.  Regardless of how deserving your are, the only way to get approved is to prove that your financial situation fits right into the program criteria.  You will be asked to submit an application called the RMA form-be careful how you complete this as the information you supply will determine your eligibility!


The RMA provides the bank with the borrower’s financial information, including the cause of the borrower’s hardshp.  The financial information and hardship sections of the RMA must be completed and executed by the borrower, and where applicable the co borrower.

Included in the RMA is a Hardship Affidavit.  Every borrower seeking a modification, regardless of delinquency status must sign a Hardship Affidavit that attests that the borrower is unable to continue making full mortgage payments.

Page 2 of the Wells Fargo RMA loan modification form is the financial worksheet the breaks down and itemizes the monthly income, monthly expenses and assets for the borrower.  This information is carefully reviewed and must pass the standard approval formula.  Too little income

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or too much income will cause denial-as will unacceptable monthly expenses and assets.  Verify your monthly budget is acceptable by running the figures through the loan modification calculator-this powerful tool will instantly compute and display passing or failing.  Then make any necessary adjustments to your figures to pass before submission.

The Initial Package must include:

  1. RMA form
  2. IRS Form 4506T
  3. Evidence of income (pay stubs, award letters, cancelled checks, etc)
  4. Dodd Frank Certification

The initial package must also include documentation to verify the borrower’s income.  The income documentation may not be more than 90 days old as of the date the documentation is received by Wells Fargo.

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