Beat the Bank?

How hard is it to get a Wells Fargo Mortgage Modification?  It’s so hard that only 25% of applications get approved! The loan mod process is extremely frustrating for borrowers who are desperately trying to save their home, and all of the lost paperwork, conflicting information, un-returned phone calls mean that many homeowners just give up.  But before you throw in the towel, find out if you can beat the bank and save your home.

The Wells Fargo loan modification process has actually been simplified in 2011-there is less paperwork required from homeowners, and the review time has been shortened as well.  The Treasury Department came down hard on the bank, and threatened to suspend their incentive funds unless they greatly improved the percentage of completed loan mods.

The shorter turn times is good news and bad news for delinquent borrowers, Bad Loan Termsbecause now the clock is ticking and a decision will be made quickly if the homeowner qualifies for a loan mod, and if not, they will be moved to short sale or foreclosure.  The days of staying in your home free for months and even years are over-that means it is critical that your loan modification application be prepared correctly if you hope to get approved.

What does it take to beat the bank and actually succeed on your Wells Fargo loan mod?  It’s simple-you must prove in black and white that you are the perfect candidate-and this can only be done by preparing and submitting your monthly budget worksheet showing the acceptable monthly income, monthly expenses and assets.  This is the information that Wells Fargo uses in the approval formula-a mathematical equation that is used to determine if your financial situation and mortgage can be modified to an affordable monthly payment.  Too much or too little income will be cause for denial, and there goes your mortgage modification!

The only way to beat the bank is to show them that it is less expensive for them to modify your mortgage and keep you in the home making payments

Easy to Use Calculator

instead of foreclosing and kicking you out.  It is a good idea to verify your own monthly budget worksheet figures before you submit them by running it through the loan modification calculator.  You will see immediately if you are passing or failing, and just where you may need to adjust your figures to have a shot at qualifying.  Use these fine tuned figures on your final application and feel confident about fitting the approval formula.

Avoid costly mistakes on your Wells Fargo mortgage modification application, use the #1 resource for homeowners, The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit and Loan Mod Quick APP calculator.  This kit provides

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detailed step by step directions, required forms and the calculator automatically generates a sample monthly budget showing income, expenses and asset requirements.  Visit for more information today.

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