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I was so frustrated trying to deal with GMAC-I kept getting the runaround with my loan modification application. First I was told I made too much money, then I was told I had too many debts! I purchased The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit and used the Loan Mod Quick App software to prepare my updated Financial Statement. It was easy to use, and it really helped me put together an accurate budget. I submitted my revised paperwork to GMAC and after a few follow up calls, I was approved for the HAMP trial modification! I was so relieved-finally after months of frustration-my payment is $1121 lower each month and I can afford to keep my home. It’s true-do your paperwork right and you have a good chance of approval.
Joe D.- Laguna Niguel, CA

I was laid off my job, and out of work for 10 months. We were desperate and it looked like we would lose our home. I finally got a new job and applied for a loan modification with Citimortgage-we were turned down! They said based on the information I gave them, we did not qualify. But, I did not want to give up-so I ordered The Complete loan Modification Guide and followed the instructions. I submitted a new application with a new, updated Financial Statement. My wife and I were so happy when we received a letter saying we were approved! Our payment was cut in half, with a new rate of 2.5%. I owe my success to using the Guide and recommend it to other homeowners.
Steve S. – Glen Ellyn, Il.

I am self employed and my business was really suffering with the recession. My wife and I could not afford our house payment with Bank of America, but we did not know how to apply to get help. I found The Complete Loan Modification Guide kit online, ordered it and started working on my application. I sent it in, but was turned down. I realized that I had made an error on our income. I asked them if I could re-apply-I made some minor adjustments, sent the new paperwork in and within 30 days I received our loan modification approval! Our payment was cut by over $1300 per month-and now it includes our taxes and insurance. We are so relieved-you can do it yourself-it takes a little work and persistence-but if we can do it, anyone can. Now my family and I can enjoy our home again.
C. Young – Woodbridge, VA.

I bought the kit and using the information and forms I was able to get both of my loans modified-my first loan is with Indymac and they reduced my rate to 3%, deferred $89,969 of my principal, and lowered my payment from $3375 to $1381-which is very affordable for me. My second loan is with Wells Fargo, and I sent in the same paperwork to them, with just a few adjustments, and they modified my loan to a 20 year-NO INTEREST-principal only payment of $430. I am so happy-I did it myself and saved my home! My total payments are now less than half of what I was paying. Don’t believe that you have to hire someone to get help-I did it and got my modifications within 2 months.
-Gabe V.

My wife & I were so scared, our house had lost so much value-we didn’t know what to do. We bought The Complete Loan Modification Guide and decided to give it a try. It was not hard, we just followed the directions and we were able to get a modification on our first and second loan-but the really amazing thing is that our second lender-GMAC- FORGAVE $99,650 of our principal! You just have to know how to prepare your forms and be very persistent-we couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend using The Complete Loan Modification Guide.
-Mario & Patty M.

My loan payment was $3363 a month with Saxon, I could not afford to pay anymore because my hours were cut at work. I bought the Complete Loan Modification Guide and filled out my application using the instructions. I requested President Obama’s plan because I read all about it in the Guide and hoped I could qualify. I couldn’t believe it-they agreed to lower my payment to just $1464.88! I now am on the 3 month trial, and I plan to make all the payments on time from now on. I really am happy with my loan modification and I think if I can do it, anyone can do it!
-Javier V.

“I ordered your Guide a few days ago and I immediately felt like I had a chance to work with my lender to save our home. I especially liked the forms as they are easy to complete and helped me get organized. I will let you know how it turns out! Thanks for your help.”
- Deborah B.

“My husband had just about given up and decided to let our house go, then I found your website. I convinced him to let me buy your Guide-now he is excited and motivated to get in contact with our lender again and fight to save our home. This book gave us a lot of information so now we have confidence to call our bank and try to work it out. Now we have hope again!”
- Sheri V.

“This book gave me a lot of information that I did not even know about-I am going to work on the forms and then contact my bank, I do not want to lose our home so I am trying everything I can. Thanks again”
- Scott S.

Your book is very informative, a must read for anyone thinking of attempting a loan modification. Whether they are going to do it themselves or hire someone to assist, better to have some knowledge before hiring a "professional" that may not know as much as this book teaches. Thanks again for taking the time to help people in distress.
- Harry Solomon
- Owner: NOVA Real Estate Services Inc

Just wanted to let you know that the Guide is wonderful. I am so happy I purchased it. As a human resource admin, I have written many training manuals and even authored a book on Success Strategies for Women in Business several years ago. I have a degree in education, so am aware of information delivery. You hit all the marks! It is so much better than anything else I was looking into. Thanks again.
-Jean Wilkes

I appreciate your help with this. Your information has been a great help in preparing my mod materials

Dear Susan
You've given me the courage to go forward and I just wanted to say "thanks a million!"

I have used the information-very informative and very helpful-stopped a trustee sale! -F. Ford



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