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One important part of applying for an OCWEN loan modification is completing the financial worksheet.  This page in the application is where you will need to itemize your household income, expenses and assets.  This is the real deciding factor in whether you get your loan mod approved-make sure that you know exactly how, and what to list on this application page.

The OCWEN loan modification financial worksheet is carefully reviewed for eligibility-and only those borrowers who submit acceptable budget figures will be considered for a lower mortgage payment.


  1. Do NOT disclose your income, expenses or assets until you have verified that they pass the approval guidelines.  You can use the Loan

    Income Requirements Displayed

    Mod Calculator to help you with this part-input your figures and it will automatically calculate PASS or FAIL, showing you where to make adjustments.

  2. There are 7 approval triggers that your financial information must pass – if you don’t know exactly how much income, expenses and assets to report then it will be very difficult to know if you will qualify.  Take the time to work on your budget ahead of time-make any necessary adjustments before you submit.  Make sure the Loan Mod Calculator shows PASS for all 7 triggers.
  3. Be prepared to document any income that you list-self employed borrowers will need to provide bank statements and a P & L.  Salaried homeowners will provide 30 days of paycheck stubs, retired must provide proof of SSI or pension, etc type of income.  Whatever you write on the OCWEN financial worksheet must be verified with some type of proof for income.
  4. Expenses must be itemized as well-your household bills like utilities, groceries, insurance, etc are computed and your current cash flow is part of the Hardship Criteria.  The Loan Mod Calculator will show you if your expenses will pass or if you need to make adjustments.
  5. Current cash flow and post mod cash flow are important to demonstrate to OCWEN that you are facing a financial hardship, and that if given a loan mod you will not default again.
  6. Know ahead of time what your new loan terms could be-that way you know what to expect and what you really qualify for.  The Loan Mod Calculator will compute and display your new modified mortgage terms-showing the new payment, interest rate, loan term and any principal forgiveness.

Don’t complete the OCWEN financial worksheet blindly-you need to know and understand just how much income, expenses and assets you should report in order to pass the approval guidelines in order to have the  very best shot at approval.

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